An Announcer for Trivia Night

Trivia Nights were practically made for fundraisers but they are just as terrific an idea for corporate events, family reunions or any occasion that brings a lot of folks together for an afternoon or evening. Trivia is a great ice-breaker. It gives people an excuse to chat while giving them topics to chat about and affords people who might otherwise be strangers to bond in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It really can be a social success on top of being a world of fun.

If you’re organising an event that could benefit from a trivia night don’t stop at the idea, go a step further. Hire a Trivia Night DJ from Peppers Entertainment.

Peppers Entertainment can organise everything for you. It’s all part of the great service! Peppers Entertainment staff can help you select the theme of your trivia night and select the DJ whose personality most suits your event and crowd. Then, your Trivia Night DJ will supply all the trivia questions and serve as game-host to the event. All you have to do is relax and play the game!

Trivia nights on the Gold Coast have been successfully planned and hosted by Peppers Entertainment for over 26 years. Trivia Night DJs are key to that success. The dynamic personalities of these Trivia Night DJs combine with years of experience in getting all the current guests playing, laughing, joking and involved in the spirit of the game. It’s interactive entertainment at its best… the perfect formula for creating the perfect party!

Peppers Entertainment Trivia Night DJs can be the difference between a wildly successful event and an okay event. Which would you prefer? Thought so.

If you’re on the Gold Coast and ready to book the trivia experience of a lifetime, give Peppers Entertainment a call. Speak to any one of the friendly staff and tell them you want to reserve a Trivia Night DJ. You’ll be glad you did!

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